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People are impressed by a prestigious address. Despite the fact that you may be one of the best in your field potential customers may discriminate against you when they discover that you are operating out of a home office. Unfortunately, securing a physical CBD location can be exorbitantly expensive.

There is a better way. Why outlay all of that hard earned cash for a physical office space. Virtual Office Brisbane has the ability to offer you a premium CBD address for only a fraction of the cost of a physical space.

We have four Brisbane CBD locations for you to choose from - all with the 4000 postcode. You will be in good company as other professional located in close proximity to our locations include accountants, lawyers, bankers and financial planners.

Virtual Office

Getting a virtual office can provide you with a host of benefits. You will receive an actual address ie, level 14, 167 Eagle Street Brisbane as opposed to receiving a post box number. You can make use of our prestigious CBD address on your website, brochures, business cards and marketing info. You can also have mail and or courier deliveries sent to your virtual address. This mail can then either be collected during business hours or it can be forwarded to another address that you nominate (for a small fee).

It's Not Just an Office Address You Could Also Get Meeting Rooms

Many of our virtual offices also have meeting rooms available to rent for a small fee. What this means is that when you have an improtant meeting with a client you can actually have that meeting in an office at the office address on your business card. Not only is it super convenient but it also adds to the credibility of your business. If your business is national then you could have an office address in all the capital cities around Australia with meeting rooms available for potential meetiings.

How Do I Collect My Mail

Some of our offices will have a mailbox from which you can collect your mail. Most offices have a delivery service whereby you can have that mail redirected to an alternate an alternate address. Most offices will also have a system whereby they hold the mail for you and you can head into the office level to collect that mail.

Virtual Offices Make Sense For Your Business Address

It really does make good financial sense to get a virtual address for your business. The overall cost is only around 2-3% of what you would pay for a physical address and you can redeploy the money that you have saved towards growing your new business.

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Call Answering Services - Office Services

Research has shown that managers can spend more than 25% of their time attending to basic administrative tasks. For small businesses this percentage could be even higher. The majority of small business people are constantly juggling their time between answering calls and attending to admin and trying to get the actual work done.

A good way to claw back some of this ineffective time is to make use of the telephone answering services that are offered by VirtualOffice.Brisbane. Our professional Queensland based virtual receptionist staff can answer your incoming calls (your landline is diverted to a virtual number) and take messages from the callers. We can then deliver those messages to you within minutes of us receiving the call.

If you would like to find out more about our Queensland based call answering services then call our helpful customer service staff today.

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Virtual Assistant Service

Our helpful virtual assistants can provide a wide range of admin and sales admin related services. Why waste your time handling those mundane enquiries and time consuming tasks. One of the great things about our virtual assistants is that you only pay for what you use. We also charge our people out on a per minute basis so you are not limited by how big the job needs to be.

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National, Local and 1300 Phone Numbers

We have a great stock of local Brisbane numbers that you can use for your business. If you decide that you would like to make use of a 1300 phone number for your business then we can also help out. We can also allocate numbers to you almost instantly so you could have your new 1300 number active in a matter of minutes.

Get a Phone Number With Your Virtual Receptionist

Many of our customers who opt for a virtual office in another city are also interested in getting telephone numbers in other cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide to assist them in taking their businesses national. We have a great stock of telephone numbers from all major capital cities in Australia and they are available at really affordable rates. Why settle for just one phone number, you can get a Sydney phone number, a Melbourne phone number an Adelaide phone number and a Perth phone number. Call our friendly sales staff for more details.

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Going Virtual With Virtual Offices Can Give You A Great Business Address

If you want radical growth in your business then you have to think outside the box. An A grade office in the centre of the CBD could set you back a packet however you can still get that sought after address at a fraction of the cost by going virtual. Think outside the box and take your business to the next level!

A Virtual Office Makes Sense

Have you thought about making use of virtual services like a virtual office, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants to take your business forward? Very few people have achieved explosive growth for their business by focussing all of their attention on minor issues. By making use of our virtual services you can leave the minor issues to us and focus your attention on the major ones and taking your business to the next level.

When you focus on major issues you get the opportunity to think strategically. Focus on strategy and you will start to move the needle. Our virtual team can give you back the time that you need to take your business to the next level. Call us today on 1300 63 64 10 to find out how we can help you to start moving that needle.

Do You Want An Answering Service With That?

An answering service is the perfect addition to your virtual office. While the virtual office can give your business the benefit of a prestigious business address the virtual receptionist can mean that your incoming phone calls are being answered live by a professional receptionist in a professional manner. It is the perfect way to take your business virtual. Combining a virtual office and virtual receptionist makes great business sense. We can even provide you with a phone number for your business. That phone number can either be a local number or a toll free number.

A Virtual Address Can Help You Go National

Many of our clients decide that they would like to secure virtual offices in all major capital cities to give the impression that they have a national presence. Not only can we set you up with national virtual offices but we can also set you up with a phone number in each of those cities. It is really affordable and makes great business sense!

Need Meeting Rooms?

Many of our business centres have meeting rooms that are available when you rent a virtual office. These meeting rooms can be rented either hourly or by the half or full day. When you sign up for a virtual office you should ensure that the business centre that you are choosing also has meeting rooms available.

Networking Events

Many of our business centres will have networking events for virtual office customers. This gives you the opportunity to talk to like minded individuals. It is also a great opportunity to let your hair down and relax a bit.

Space In Brisbane

Just because you have a virtual office doesn't mean that you can't get some space when you need it. Maybe a virtual office works for you 95% of the time but one or two days a month you need a meeting room or day office to get your work done. No problem, many of our business centres have meeting room space and shared office areas that you can rent when you need it. Getting a Brisbane virtual address makes a lot of business sense!

>What Happens To My Mail?

Whether you are receiving documents or packages they will be received by our reception staff at the business centre. You can then either come in to the centre to collect the mail or you can have it forwarded to your business at a separate address (for a small fee). This is just one of the services that we can provide for your business.

Which Is Best Virtual Address Or an Office?

It very much depends on the type of business that you want to operate. If you hold a lot of meetings and need to be located in a specific area then a regular style of office is probably right for your business. If your business is more virtual and can be performed anywhere then you can probably benefit from virtual offices. If a business address is extremely important in your industry then maybe you should look at a business address in a prestigious Brisbane CBD building. If your business address is not so important then maybe an address in a suburban centre may be more suitable than the CBD. Whether you decide to take office space or not Brisbane virtual offices can be a part of your plan.

Virtual Offices Or Serviced Office For My Business Address?

A serviced office can give you many of the benefits of a Brisbane office without a lot of the hassle and a lot of the costs. If you really need office space then a serviced office in Brisbane may be the way to get that space. In addition to getting an office you may also be able to take advantage of meeting rooms and potentially a phone number and other services. If you pick a prestigious centre then you will also get a great address for your office however this address could also be utilised through a virtual address. At the end of the day, if you need to spend a lot of time in one place and potentially use meeting rooms then serviced may be the way to go while if you can work from anywhere then virtual offices make more sense.

Brisbane CBD 4000 Buildings For Your Virtual Office

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