24-Hour Answering Service Brisbane: Everything You Need to Know

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After you have turned in for the night, when your office is already closed, where does that leave your customers? If a customer calls after hours, who is there to answer their inquiries? Sure, an answering machine can do the job for you; however, what kind of impression does that give your client? Honestly speaking, not a good one. This sends the impression of not really caring for your client's needs even when it isn't the case. Worst of all, you are left with an upset customer who may not call back ever again.

Sometimes, customers need to get in contact with somebody in your company, which in their point of view, might be an emergency. You might also have a customer who does not operate at normal 9-5 business hours. Or you might have a customer calling from another time zone. All these things must be considered when thinking about the caliber of service you provide for your own customers. Having a 24-hour answering service in Brisbane will guarantee someone is available all hours of the day and night in case some queries or concerns arise. This is going to make your customers feel much better about being in business with your company.

A 24-hour answering service is the best system to provide clients with an experience that is personalized. Utilizing this support, every patron will be greeted with a considerate and supportive voice that can make every telephone call worth their time. Customers can call the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to purchase services, request help, or even discuss billing options with a 24-hour answering service. It is a truly beneficial factor to have for your business.

Answering Services Help You Deliver Customer Service

Without a 24 hour answering service, whenever an area is abruptly without service at 8 pm, they might have to wait for someone until the next business day. When it's a weekend, that could mean days without support. What message does that send to your customers? When you have a 24-hour answering service, they can contact the right department to inform them of a problem and get it resolved in a timely fashion.

A connection to your clients is crucial for the business when one considers how much money may be lost in disgruntled customers because they could not reach you when they need your services. Truthfully, customer satisfaction should be every company's top priority. This 24-hour answering service is there for the customers every day and any hour.

Why Do You Need to Hire a 24 Hour Answering Service in Brisbane?

Before the advent of Internet and cloud-based communication, enterprises could get away with being inaccessible at night time. That won't work in the modern digitally-driven, highly linked culture. Most clients expect the businesses they patronize to be always available. In order to compete at the maximum level, employers should make accessibility a complete priority. With that in mind, let's review the benefits of including a 24/7 answering service in Brisbane to your small business.

Why Do You Need to Hire a 24-Hour Answering Service in Brisbane?

• Allows your business to compete all day (and all night). In today's hyper-competitive small business world, companies need to split out every possible benefit. A 24/7 answering service is an excellent way to get this done. Doing so means you will never miss a call -- and the chance to land a potential long-term customer.

• Never miss an important call. The potential for losing out an inquiry isn't the only potential pitfall of working without an answering service. When business spikes and things get hectic, it's easy to miss important calls from existing clients or providers. Possessing an answering service means never needing to worry about missing key phone calls during peak hours.

• It eliminated the need for voicemail (every customer’s pet peeve). Utilizing voice messaging may have some key drawbacks on the business owner. To begin with, some clients will just hang up rather than just leaving a message. Second, voicemails are usually wrongly deleted or garbled that the information is unintelligible. Answering service, on the other hand, provides a human touch and increased precision.

• Increased efficiency. In a company, greater efficiency finally translates to higher profitability. Using a 24/7 answering service ensures your calls will be dealt with increased efficiency and precision -- and that's a combination that more than pays for itself.

• Allows you to focus on other areas of your enterprise. Having a free hand to spend additional time working on other aspects of your business can be valuable, and this is exactly what an answering service provides. By allowing a professional service to manage your requirements, you can free up a much-needed time to concentrate on regions of your business that need attention.

• Eliminate unnecessary salary expense. Hiring personnel to answer calls could quickly become expensive, particularly once you consider each of the added expenses that come with using one. An answering service, on the other hand, can provide both cost effectiveness and price certainty.

• Always reliable. Should you hire your own staff to answer phones, you need to manage vacation requests, sickness, and other scheduling problems. An answering service requires you to deal with none of those concerns, making your life simpler and less complex.

Through the assistance provided by a Virtual Receptionist in Brisbane, it gives your clients the chance to call the business at all hours of the day. Nowadays, for many companies, this is going to be a big advantage. If your business provides medical advice, do emergency repairs, or deal with customers who can't call during the work day, then having a 24-hour call centre will greatly improve your customer satisfaction. A specialist answering service may provide you with the capability to take telephone calls 24 hours every day.

Compared to hiring a staff, it can be challenging and must be managed constantly. Whether you receive seasonal spikes in calls or you have employees calling in sick, there are times when it is hard to find all your calls answered. Virtual Assistants who provide 24 hour answering service are trained to be able to take care of your calls for your specific needs. They can take calls, place orders, order goods, answer queries (all based on the instructions that the client provide). The callers will not even know that they're not talking straight to your employees, which will give them the impression that the virtual receptionist is just sitting inside your office. This eliminates unnecessary additional tasks to your team to ensure that they have enough time to finish their deadlines. This will help with your company budgeting, which will ultimately save you money, time, and assets, as time spent handling those employees can be placed aside to manage and operate on other top priorities happening in your business.

Leave The Phone To Us

Getting a 24 hour answering service to strengthen your workers can also be great because every call to your company is answered quickly. Nothing is worse than calling a business and hearing the phone ring forever before someone finally answer it (or worse, it goes to voicemail). Some clients have a special requirement where it should ring over a specific number of times. Also, they have the flexibility to only use a Virtual Receptionist’s support when they need it. It now eliminates the excuse that no one can answer the phone as the whole team is too busy. It's important that each telephone call is treated as a priority which helps your clients to feel appreciated.

Traditional Receptionist vs 24 Hour Virtual Receptionist: Know the Difference

What are the main differences and similarities between a traditional & virtual receptionist? It’s a question we get frequently from prospective customers. Some already have a traditional receptionist and want to see whether the grass is truly greener on the other side; some are not sure yet if they are going to employ a virtual or traditional receptionist; while others are just simply curious.

Traditional Receptionist vs 24-Hour Virtual Receptionist: Know the Difference


Both digital receptionists and traditional receptionists handle basic administrative jobs: answering the telephone, greeting customers, handling appointments and calendars, and offer basic customer service.

Both virtual and traditional receptionists will discuss your business requirements and are provided a spiel on how the management want their calls to be answered. Trust us, this is essential if you would like satisfied customers.

You Don't Need To Answer That Virtual Phone

One of the great things about answering services is that they give you back the time to focus on the big picture and providing a better business service to your customers. You can be working out how to grow your business while team answering are busy with those incoming calls. Even better, with after hours answering services you can have a live attendant dealing with your calls while you are at home with your family.

Now, let us look at the differences, which is where it begins to become clear which option is the most effective and beneficial for smaller businesses.


Most of the time, accessibility can differ between virtual receptionists vs traditional receptionists. A traditional receptionist usually works 40 hours each week, Monday through Friday. If a traditional receptionist ends up working more than 40 hours each week, you're legally required to pay them, which can get costly. This produces an issue that can leave you in a tight spot when your receptionist suddenly needs the day or night off.

A digital receptionist includes a schedule based on when you need them, whether that is after-hours, mornings only, every other weekday, full-time, weekends, or just when your in-house receptionist is taking a vacation. Basically, you can customize and alter your virtual receptionist program at any moment.

Virtual receptionists do not take lunch breaks, sick days, or holiday time. It’s guaranteed that you always have a virtual receptionist available throughout your scheduled occasions. The availability of a virtual receptionist cannot be matched by conventional receptionists.


The consistency and reliability of virtual receptionists vs traditional receptionists are noticeable as well. Traditional receptionists could possibly be consistent and dependable (depending on who you employ), however as mentioned above, regular issues like sick days, vacation time, higher business turnover rates, and much more may make working with a conventional receptionist a bit of a gamble.

Like Your Own Personal Contact Centre

Virtual receptionists are trained to be more consistent in their job and are more reliable. They don't take scheduled breaks, vacations, or even sick days without ensuring a different digital receptionist on the team is there to answer your phone calls. They will answer the phone with the greeting you have provided every time your phone rings. They will be available during the hours and times you have indicated no matter what. That's reliability at its finest.

Virtual receptionists vs traditional receptionists can have a few similarities, but they also have more differences. Comparing these two versions of the same administrative position is beneficial in determining if you'd prefer working with virtual receptionists or conventional receptionists.

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