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Running a small business means that you need to be incredibly good at juggling. One minute you are attending to a customers needs while the next you are answering sales enquiries. All the while you are probably having to take incoming telephone calls.

One of the problems with having to answer all of those incoming phone calls is that you never know which are going to be the time wasting calls and which are going to be the gold mine calls that lead to additional business. You just need to put in the time.

When you make use of the services of a virtual receptionist from you win back some of that lost time. Our professional receptionists can answer either all or some of your incoming telephone calls and email you details of what the call was about and what the message was.

A Professional Team

Our team of professional Queensland based receptionists are all fully trained experts in their field. We employ local Australian receptionists because we do not believe that you as our customer would get the same quality of service if we were to outsource your calls to an offshore call centre. Your customers will appreciate talking to a local professional receptionist when they ring your company.

Using a virtual receptionist from makes really good business sense. All of that time that you previously spent answering all of those incoming calls can now be focussed on more strategic tasks and building a more dynamic agile business.

Don't just take our word for it, we currently have more than 4,500 happy customers using our telephone answering services. Why not test drive our receptionist services by signing up for a no obligation 7 day free trial. We don't even require a credit card to kick things off and we will not pressure you after the 7 day trial.

Really Simple Setup

Setting up your new telephone answering service for your Brisbane company is really easy. Firstly, you register for our 7 day free trial and we allocate you a local telephone number to be used with your account. This number can either be used as your main telephone number or you can divert incoming calls to this number, it is entirely within your control.

Once you have been allocated a telephone number you will need to tell us what greeting you would like us to use when we answer your calls. You may want the greeting to be quite generic or you may want it to be more bespoke. With our easy to use admin systems it is totally up to you. You can also change that greeting whenever you want, either by logging into our admin area, using our APP (for iPhone or Android) or by ringing one of our friendly customer service reps.

The last thing that you need to decide is how you would like your messages relayed to you after we have taken those incoming calls. The options available to you are either to receive the message by email or to receive the message by SMS (small fee involved). In these times of smart phones we find that the majority of our customers are happy to receive their messages by email.

Dealing With Your Calls

Once you have set up your account and told us how you want us to deal with your calls you simply need to divert your current telephone number to the number that we have provided. Some customers divert the number after a specific number of rings while others divert straight away. You may also decide to divert only when you are busy. All of these actions can be controlled via our admin area or our APP.

After answering your telephone call you can then choose one of the following options for how you want our receptionists to handle it

Call Transfer Direct to Another Phone

An option that is available when setting up your profile is "available for call transfer," if you use this option then our receptionists will answer the call and then use your "Find Me" numbers (home office, office extension, mobile, hotel room etc) to track down where you are and transfer that incoming call to you. Your "Find Me" numbers can be updated online at any time.

Message Delivery

This is the most common way that our customers use our system. Basically, you use the setting "Do Not Disturb" to indicate that you are not available for incoming calls. Our professional receptionists will then greet your customers with the pre-agreed greeting and take a message for you. That message will then be forwarded to you using either email or SMS (whichever you have selected).

Transfer the Call to a Colleague

Another option that is available to you is for the call to be transferred through to a colleague. Using our admin area you can set up a directory of numbers for our professional receptionists to use.

Info Given to The Callers

This is a great option for the busy small business owner. How many times have you been right in the middle of an important job and someone rings up to simply find out your email address or your office address. Our professional receptionists can handle this distraction for you.

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