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Virtual Reception - Phone Answering Service

Running a small business means that you need to be incredibly good at managing your time. Big lesson. Don’t try to handle every task – stick with the responsibilities that really require your talent. Running yourself ragged trying to perform every role yourself is a recipe for breakdowns and business failure – so get smart about managing communications - don’t try and juggle the responsibility for phone answering. Go with the phone answering specialists and subscribe to a professional virtual receptionist.

Think about this. Missing that one crucial customer call could mean not answering the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t risk missing that call.

A live answering service with an experienced Australian receptionist will give you the certainty that all your customer calls will always be answered promptly on behalf of your business. We treat every call with the importance it deserves. No matter where you are working or what you are doing ,you’ve subscribed to total reliability - our virtual call answering service is there for you. And let’s face it, you aren’t in business to answer every phone call, you’re in business to answer the calls that matter.

When you subscribe to virtual receptionist call answering from you save your precious time and you present a businesslike image. These are local experts with just the right tone when answering that call to impress your customers. They’ll transfer and prioritise calls according to your instructions and message you by email with summaries of all the calls.

Our virtual receptionists can provide your answering service whenever you need it. Use our phone answering for after-hours answering, especially when you have customers in different time-zones. Use us for phone answering on weekends or public holidays. Use us 24/7 if you are expecting an important call, the choice is all yours – we don’t lock our customers into any long term arrangements – simply scale up or scale down your local Australian virtual receptionist services whenever you need.

Call Answering Service - Virtual Receptionists Brisbane

Our team of professional Queensland based virtual receptionists are all fully trained phone answering specialists. We employ local Australian receptionists because we don’t believe that an overseas call centre can provide the quality of service your customers expect. We know your customers will appreciate talking to a local Australian professional receptionist when they telephone your company. It really boosts customer loyalty when they know that our virtual receptionists understand the Australian business world. It really matters to busy customers when they are understood first time and they don’t have to explain things that every Australian business person automatically understands.

Using a virtual receptionist from for answering your phone really does make good business sense because you’ll never ever miss a call. It also sends a message to your customers that your business is efficient and customers are respected. Customers won’t have to hear their call just ring on and on and on and customers won’t get frustrated waiting in a queue with the message ‘ Your call is important to us’, playing every few minutes. Live call answering via a virtual service is the way to ensure customer retention. Customers will judge your business in the few minutes of contact. Leverage that crucial opportunity to impress with your virtual receptionist service.

We currently have more than 4,500 happy customers using our telephone answering services. This is an Australian call answering service that has grown by meeting the needs of hundreds of Australian businesses – businesses just like yours.

You can test out the services of our virtual receptionists with our free 7 day no obligation trial. It’s a good un-pressured way to hear how the service works and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with how we answer your phone. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before.

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Setting up your Virtual Receptionist Service is really easy, because you are doing it with a highly experienced customer service team. Firstly, register with us for our 7 day free trial and we’ll allocate you a local telephone number to be used with your account. This virtual number can either be used as your main telephone number or you can divert incoming calls to this number, it is entirely within your control. If you want to keep an existing business number because your customers are familiar with it, that’s all good - it’s a simple process to just divert the number to your new number where your virtual reception team will pick up and answer the call on behalf of your business.

The next step is to think about how you would like your virtual receptionists to welcome callers. The greeting script will be consistently used by all members of your virtual receptionist service, and your callers will become familiar with the professional and friendly welcome we’ll use each time.

You can also change the greeting anytime you like, maybe you have launched a new product and you’d like to mention it in the script or perhaps you just want your answering service to welcome callers with a special message about a festival holiday. With our user-friendly admin systems it is totally up to you. You can change the greeting yourself either by logging into our admin area, using our APP (for iPhone or Android) or we can do it for you – just contact our helpful customer service team. Doesn’t this sound convenient and impressive!

The last few things that we’ll need from you are: 1/ An overview of your products and services, so your virtual receptionists really understand your business – let us know the types of enquiries you expect 2/ Instructions on what types of calls should be prioritised and transferred straight through to you or your staff 3/ How would you like the message summaries for every incoming call to be delivered t you. Most of our clients like to receive the summaries via email but if you prefer, we can send them via SMS but that option involves a small fee.

That’s about all. Your incoming phone call answering summaries are also very valuable, it’s good customer data to mine and extract some value. Understanding the busiest day of the week on average for incoming calls is useful knowledge. Realising the most frequent types of calls, and from who, can really influence your marketing. Your virtual receptionist answering service will offer many benefits, some of the advantages will be immediately obvious like the reliability that every call will be answered, and others will become visible over time, such as the disciplined structure that allows you to derive customer insights from your call summaries.

Then finally once your trial is over and you’ve decided you like your very own virtual reception, its just a matter of choosing the call package that suits your business needs. How does $550 per month for 200 calls sound to you? With every call over 200 charged at $3.40 per call. Maybe you expect more calls or less calls- talk to us - we have a call plan to suit.

Receptionist Service - Virtual Receptionists Australia

Once you have set up your account and told us how you want us to deal with your calls you simply need to divert your current telephone number to the number that we have provided. Some customers like to divert the number after a specific number of rings while others divert straight away.

You can also choose to re-direct your prioritised answering when you are busy with clients, or travelling or in meetings. It’s simple. The change can be implemented via our admin area or our APP.

Let me tell you a little bit more about how convenient you’ll find your local expert answering service.

Call Transfer Direct to Another Phone

An option that is available when setting up your own profile is "available for call transfer." When you use this option then your virtual receptionists will answer the incoming call and if it’s a priority call as per your instructions, they will then use your "Find Me" numbers (home office, office extension, mobile, hotel room etc) to track down where you are and transfer the incoming customer call to you. Your "Find Me" numbers can be updated online at any time.

Message Delivery - Don't Disturb Option

As I mentioned, there will be times that you absolutely can’t be disturbed by a call and you want no distractions. That’s when you simply use the setting "Do Not Disturb" to indicate to your phone answering service that you are not available for any call. Your professional virtual receptionists will then greet your customers with the usual scripted greeting and take a message for you. That message will then be forwarded to you using either email or SMS (whichever you have selected).

Message Delivery - Transfer the Call to a Colleague

Another useful option that is available to you is for the call to be transferred through to a colleague. Using our administration specialists you can set up a directory of specific numbers for our professional receptionists to use. You have the choice of ensuring the call is taken by one of the members of your team if you are not available. Simply spend a little time pre-arranging the protocol and our systems will do the rest.

Taking Care Of The Mundane

This is a great option for the busy small business owner who feel like a part time general manager. How many times have you been right in the middle of an important job or your in-house receptionist is at lunch and someone rings up to simply find out your email address or your office address. Our professional receptionists can handle this distraction for you by answering those calls and letting you get on with the important jobs.

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Why Your Small Business Needs Our Call Answering Service

Employing a full-time in-house receptionist is a costly overhead for a small business - and you are paying the cost even when the phone is not ringing, think about that for a moment. You are paying a salary just in case the phone rings. Recruitment, training, salary, benefits, plus the office equipment, it adds up. Then you’ll still have to arrange back-up when the receptionist is on leave. In contrast, a virtual receptionist service is much more cost -effective and so much more resilient because we are a team of remote receptionist staff , not just one. So at peak times when there are lots of enquiries it is never an issue. Lots of calls? Well we have lots of support - ready and waiting - local Australian receptionists. Remember too, unlike an in-house receptionist who is being paid to sit behind the reception desk even when there are no calls, with a virtual answering services you’ve chosen a call package for the services that you need.

This is the modern way, the versatile solution to business services. Going virtual means you can dramatically reduce costs without reducing the quality of customer service. Going virtual also means you’ve chosen to be agile and your business can take advantage of the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down whenever you need. And every business needs to be agile.

If you want your small business to get bigger, you have to present an image to your customers that attracts them. They are the future. They must feel appreciated and respected. Really effective customer service can be a key point of difference to your competition. If your competition closes the door at 5pm on the dot and sends callers to irritating voicemail then you’ll have customers impressed when they phone your business at 5pm and a live welcoming local voice greets them.

Your receptionist service will keep building your brand presence no matter where you are. Callers will be delighted to have their phone calls answered after just a few rings. You’ve also ensured that no prospective customer needs to be placed on hold, because we all know that feeling of steady disenchantment with a business the longer we have to wait and wait. With a virtual reception there is nothing left to chance. You don’t need to hope that your receptionist comes back from her break soon, you don’t need to hope that callers will wait on the line until she has time to answer them - you don’t need hope at all because you know that with your answering you’re covered. It’s not your worry. We are here for you.

Virtual Receptionists Sydney. Virtual Receptionists Melbourne.

As your company grows, a receptionist will be there to support you. You may be opening branches in other states, setting up a nation-wide network. Use your call answering team to greet callers at your new Sydney office. Let us welcome callers when they call your Melbourne branch. We can be there on the phone when you need us. Perhaps you have moved into a new service field that’s seasonal and customers will phone any time with enquiries – then just scale up your service with a higher call package and we can answer calls 24/7. With your virtual receptionists team you can really implement new strategies quickly. If you have specific requirements, your virtual receptionists can adapt and customise according to the strategy – think enquiries for peak sales promotions and new product releases. We have organised answering for thousands of Australian businesses from musicians to muscle car technicians, from financial consultants to legal consultants, from plumbers, to painters, from digital designers to realtors and so many more. Let our receptionist answer calls on behalf of your Brisbane or Melbourne or Sydney or Perth office for you.

Answering Service Australia - Call Centre Makes Sense

Your Australian virtual answer service will dramatically improve the image of your business. You will also realise the benefit of putting in place reliable structures for your business. These are foundations that will support revenue. A Virtual Receptionist service is part of the framework of your business, a key part of all the assembled functions that come together as your brand, your business, your success.

And don’t forget we are there for you if you need more customised or specialised services like appointment scheduling, order processing, and other administrative tasks. Use our talent when you need it. We are here to help you retain existing customers, win new customers and provide a consistently warm and professional image for your business. Virtually.

Virtual Reception v/s In-house Receptionist - Is Virtual Better When It Comes To A Receptionist

One of the big benefits of going virtual with your receptionist is that it is totally flexible. You can use our service for phone answering when you need it and then not use it when you don't. One day you could have us taking a call every 10 minutes while other times it could be days before you need to use our services again. What that means is that you can get continuity in your work. You don't need to stop and start and keep losing your place when you stop while answering the phone. Just leave it to our call centre. Another area wherer you will denifintely benefit from going virtual is in relation to volume of calls. If you have a marketing campaign going on or a product recall then our services can be scaled up almost instantly. Try to do that with a regular receptionist. We can be on top of those calls in almost no time leaving you to get on with managing your business.

Minutes from now our Answering Services could be Handling your Calls!

It really does just take a couple of minutes to sign up for a virtual receptionist and we could be answering your next call within the hour. When you sign up you get a virtual number and you divert your current business number to the virtual one. These virtual numbers are key to the process. It is a really simple procedure to do online however if you don't feel comfortable signing up online you can also just phone one of our helpful sales representatives. Outsourcing your phone answering makes sense!

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Need more information? Why not check out our infographic in terms of how a telephone answering service works.

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