Improve workflow and Optimise Business Productivity

Improve workflow, optimise business productivity and increase customer growth with a simple but effective 1300 number. At Virtual Office Brisbane, we offer an extended 1300 package that you are able to add onto your current Answering Service plan for a small extra cost.

To say a 1300 number adds value to your business is simply an understatement. A 1300 number is much easier to remember, making it more likely for customers to call your company. If you want your customers to know that your business is one that focuses on customer service then a 1300 number is a perfect way to create that image.

A 1300 number adds a level of unspoken professional or national presence that will undoubtedly increase the size that your customers perceive your business to be. Whether you are a small business with only a few staff or a very large company with hundreds of employees, a 1300 number will allow you to improve your company image instantly. Our current clients love the fact that they can advertise their 1300 number on their website, company business cards and newsletters knowing it is easier for clients to remember than most local phone numbers.

Larger companies looking to measure the success of particular marketing campaigns can also use 1300 numbers as a cost effective solution to see which advertising strategy is most effective at bringing in new sales (i.e. different 1300 numbers can appear on different advertisements). With transparent real time call reporting on our Virtual Receptionist service via the customer portal, you can see exactly which number clients called when responding to different ads - thus making it easy to measure the ROI of one campaign over another.

Are 1300 numbers expensive?

Not at all! The cost of a 1300 number with Virtual Office Brisbane is a $25 once off set up fee and $20 per month (capped … which for larger call volumes can be a big saving), plus the cost of the Answering Service plan. So if you wanted the Standard Virtual Receptionist plan, you will be charged $20 a month in addition to $20 for the 1300 number each month. We encourage you to browse our website and look at the variety of packages that are designed to suit the specific needs of your business, such as our Premium Live Answering Service, our budget Message Express service, the Divert Service, Voicemail to Email and Fax to Email services.

A 1300 number is simply the cost of a local call for your caller. For you, because we cap the cost of your 1300 at $20 a month, it does not matter to you from a cost perspective if you receive 10 or 1,010 calls a month into your 1300 number. As long as it is packaged with our Live Answering Service the cost is capped for your company at just $20, which can be a huge saving when compared to other telcos where you pay on a timed basis per call that is diverted from your 1300 number to your Answering Service.

1300 numbers are a powerful and effective tool for any company looking to increase their client base and enhance the professional presence of their company. With only 6 digits to remember, your customers are bound to find your number easy to remember. Ensure that your company reaches its full potential by signing up your business with a 1300 number today. In less than 5 minutes our expert Australian based Virtual Receptionists can be answering your company calls and helping provide your company with the best opportunity to succeed in today’s competitive business market!

In addition to a 1300 Answering Service why not consider a Brisbane Virtual Office

Expand the horizons and potential of your company with a Virtual Office Address in Brisbane. First impressions are vitally important, so why not expand your market and secure a prestigious mailing address in the Brisbane CBD. A prestigious Virtual Office Address in the heart of Brisbane not only makes your business look much larger, it gives you the flexibility to work from wherever you want without compromising the opportunity of advertising a premium Brisbane CBD address. Your customers will immediately judge your business to be one of success.

As well as a prime business address, with our business centres you have access to traditional office facilities including printing, faxing and courier services. Some of our premium business centres additionally have meeting rooms, hot desks and offices available for hire on a PAYG basis so you only ever pay for what you really need - making your Brisbane Virtual Office very cost effective. Our meeting rooms in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD are equipped with first class and modern business equipment including projectors and the ability to live stream business meetings regardless of wherever you are in the world.

What if I move the location of my business?

Regardless of whether you choose to relocate or stay in the same area, you can keep your 1300 number for the life of your company. This allows you to maintain your company image no matter if you choose to move from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide. 1300 gives your business the flexibility of growing your business no matter where your company is based.

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