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Small business owners can spend up to 25% of their time working on non productive admin related tasks. Not only do you have to spend this 25% of your time on these tasks, quite often you will need to drop the important stuff to focus on an admin fire that has sprung up. You end up getting hit with a double whammy, 25% less time plus you are taken away from an important money making task. Fortunately it doesn't have to be that way.

Save Time And Make Money

With a virtual assistant from Virtual Office Brisbane you can let our competent virtual assistants look after some of those more mundane admin and sales admin type tasks while you focus on strategy and making more money. We can take those time consuming tasks off you while you you focus on what you do best. From a business point of view it makes a lot of financial sense.

Don't Pay For What You Don't Use

When you employ a physical assistant to work in your offices you need to pay them for the full day, week and month regardless of whether they have enough work to do. What inevitably happens is that they are busy for a set period of the day but then end up sitting around doing nothing for the rest of the day. You end up paying them to surf the internet or text their friends. It can be extremely frustrating.

With a virtual assistant from Virtual Office Brisbane you only pay for what you use. We charge our assistants out on a minute by minute basis so if it takes them 18 minutes to complete your tasks then you only pay for 18 minutes. You don't pay for what you don't use.

Information Collection

Why not use one of our helpful virtual assistants to gather information from your existing customers. We can survey your customers with a list of questions that you have compiled and then create a database of the responses. We can focus on gathering the information whilst you focus your attention on how to make use of that information to create a strategic advantage.

Incoming Enquiry Handling

When you think about it, the majority of incoming calls can easily be managed by a person with the right information at hand. All of those callers who just need a telephone number, an email address or a physical address can be happily accommodated by your very own virtual assistant. All the while, you can be spending all of that additional time working on how to grow your business and make more money.

Executive-Level Assistance

Looking for some executive PA style services but don't want the expense or have the 100% justification for a PA?. Why not make use of a VA from Virtual Office Brisbane instead. Our VA's can work with a variety of online software packages such as diary management packages, can assist with maintaining spreadsheets and keeping in contact with your customers and prospects. Call us today on 1300 63 44 10 to discuss.

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