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How to build an agile efficient business without much money.

So you want to start a business, and you have ideas and ambition but not much cash. How will you do it? Is your product so good that customers will crave it from the get-go? Will you spend most of your funds on marketing your services? Where will you base your business? Who are your customers? Why should they trust your business?

Without a concise business plan you’re bound to fail. The worst scenario is spending those finite funds on overheads that won’t make a real difference to whether you succeed or fail. Shiny glitzy facades that make you feel good will send you broke. Just following the herd of other business owners (who have more money than you) and mirroring their conventional strategy won’t make your business stand out. Don’t spend your money trying to compete on someone else’s terms.

Get Smart. Go Virtual.

One of the most cost-effective strategies is leveraging virtual offices and virtual receptionists services. Don‘t know what they are? Well it’s well past time you knew. They may just be the boost your business needs to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Subscribing to a Virtual Office rental gets you a business address that you can use to register with ASIC. They offer the flexibility for you and your staff to work from anywhere in the world while still enjoying the benefits of a premium business address in Australia. Our Virtual offices typically offer a range of services, including a virtual office address, mail and package handling and notification, administration support and access to meeting rooms and co-working spaces on the same floor as your virtual office address.

Using a Brisbane virtual office address for your business means you can get a well-respected central business address without much money. All your marketing – your business cards, websites, social media, hard copy brochures or whatever – they can all present a great business address. This is how you present a good image to your customers -and you can have the Brisbane CBD business address of your dreams – without the nightmare of monthly office lease payments that could cost upwards of $3,000 per month just for an office to fit four desks. So how does less than $1,000 per year sound for a premium business address on level 14, 167 Eagle Street? A premium address 14th floor address with the advantage of bookable meeting rooms, a spacious boardroom and co-working spaces – an ultra-modern environment with stylish furnishings and great Brisbane River views.

So there you go. You are building an agile, efficient business without much money. You’ve subscribed to a great business address and it’s at a superb central location that your WFH staff and your clients will love to visit - because its such a fashionable location and so easy to get to.

Now next. What’s your plan on how the phone gets answered? How do you think you should handle your business phone calls? Are you going to try to answer all the calls yourself? Is that a plan or you just haven’t thought about it ?

Virtual receptionists services are another valuable tool that will make your business run efficiently at a very low cost. If you could afford to pay for a full-time receptionist employee it would cost, at the very least, upwards of $50,000 per year plus add on all the bits and pieces of reception desks and office equipment, and even then – when they are on leave- you have to sort out a back-up to answer the incoming calls. The alternative is a local Australian virtual receptionist managing your telephone answering, just choose a call plan that fits the needs of your new business. Think you’ll get about 200 calls per month? That will cost just $550 per month – and any calls over 200 will cost just $3.40 per calls. How does that price suit you?

Now don’t worry too much about how an expert call answering service works and how the calls will be managed – we’ve been setting up call answering services for hundreds of Brisbane businesses over the last 15 years. Go with our experience and we’ll talk through the whole things and you can do a 7 day trial for free to see what you think.

But either way, if you planned on employing your own receptionist or if you thought you could manage interrupting whatever you’re doing every time the phone rings , either way – a virtual receptionist service is a much wiser, cost-effective and time-saving way to go. And when your business is just starting out it is vital to make a good impression.

So those are the options – 1/ choose a costly in-house receptionist and try to find them tasks when the phone isn’t ringing 2/ answer the phone yourself (because obviously you are a trained receptionist yourself, with an excellent speaking voice ) 3/ organise one of your staff to stop whatever they are doing throughout the day and make them play telephone call management or 4/ subscribe to a Brisbane virtual receptionist service. And sorry if I confused you- a Virtual Receptionist is really just a modern term for a remote professional receptionist – someone who manages your telephone calls – but isn’t personally present in an office with your company. Although your callers will simply think this polite friendly person answering their call is sitting in your office foyer (in the office that doesn’t exist! ).

So that’s it. Done and dusted.

Two critically important business features – a respected business address for your mail and marketing and meetings, and a reliable local telephone answering service answering callers on behalf of your business and never ever missed a call.

Both options are efficient. Both options are effective. Both options make great business sense if you have a passion to start a business but you’ve haven’t got much money. Done. Sorted.

Call us today and get these structures in place so you can spend your precious budget on things that matter, like product development or recruiting talent. Let your competition spend money on cleaners and pot-plant rental and a receptionist who just called in sick.

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