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How to Build an Australian Office Network in One Day

For an ambitious Queensland business, expansion into other Australian markets can be a smart strategy that really puts the company on the map - but the conventional challenges of high set-up costs and slow site implementation can be daunting.

Securing the right prestigious business address in every capital city from Sydney to Perth can take many months of searching and negotiation – because there is no agility in the old conventional office lease model. Think about it. Once you’ve found that traditional office lease that you can afford – it’s time to open the door to a flood of overheads that it’s so easy to drown in. And you are carrying high costs without a revenue stream in a new market - risky in this current business climate where an event like Covid19 can destroy a business plan within a week.

There is a better way to expand from your Queensland foundation into a national enterprise. Build a national Australian network of virtual office business addresses.

Let’s look at how you do it.

The best business address is where your customers expect you to be. If you are a legal consultancy, your clients will expect your business address to be in a CBD law precinct or positioned at the centre of a respected suburban high street. If your business is digital design and marketing you’d probably be expected to have an address in a dynamic up-market business hub, perhaps an inner city suburb just a walk from the CBD.

It all depends on the type of business you are in.

We have more than 50 different virtual office rentals across Australia, ranging from immensely impressive addresses like Level 23 Collins Square Tower in Melbourne or Level 25 108 St Georges Terrace Perth with all the accompanying office conferencing and co-working facilities you could ever need, to basic suburban business mailing addresses.

So simply tell our expert service team the type of virtual office business address you need and we will set you up with the perfect locations.

Your virtual office in Hobart or Adelaide or Sydney or Melbourne or Canberra will have all the mail and package handling facilities you’ll ever need and it’s a wise choice to choose a virtual office with meeting facilities. Choose a virtual office rental with all the amenities that mirror a leased office space and you can simply catch up with local staff or local clients in the stylish surroundings of your new virtual office address – without the cost!

Once you have your virtual office address in the new interstate market it’s wise to couple it with a Virtual Receptionist service. We can also set your virtual reception up on the same day.

So how will your Virtual Receptionist Service Work?

A local professional Australian receptionist will answer your business calls.

You decide on the greeting to your callers, instruct us which calls to prioritise and transfer direct to you or your team, tell us about your services and products and then leave it to the expertise of our experienced receptionists. Just pick the call package that mirrors the number of calls you expect to receive.

We can answer 100 calls to your new address for less than $300 per month. Your virtual reception team will email you a summary of each call and you can start or stop the service whenever you want.

Imagine the scenario, a highly respectable Sydney virtual office address with stylish meeting rooms, private suites and co-working spaces that you can utilise whenever you need on a pay as you use basis. A local number for Sydney callers that’s transferred to your Australian virtual reception team. Imagine the same scenario in your Canberra virtual office or a Hobart virtual office address or your Melbourne virtual offices.

This is the cost-effective way to build a National Network.

A great virtual business address, with sublime amenities and a expert virtual receptionist team answering all your calls promptly (take our free one week trial and check). That’s how you build a national network, low cost, high impact.

And maybe you’ll need to adjust your growth strategy over time, but you haven’t burnt your hard earned funds, you’ve expanded with agility. Once you’ve developed some new revenue streams you may also want to enter into a long term office lease on a high floor in some city CBD, and that’s a real option that steadily creating your national network virtually has provided.

So be ambitious. Build your business, nationally. Our virtual business services are with you all the way.

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