A Guide to 1300 Numbers in Brisbane, Australia

Having a 1300 number for your business provides many benefits. It allows your business to project a professional presence to customers while reducing missed phone calls and at the same time, providing a higher level of customer support with fewer employees.

As a startup company with limited budget and resources, one must utilize new technologies and services wisely and effectively. Some businesses use multiple 1300 numbers to track the success of each advertising campaigns so that they can determine where to allocate their marketing budget most effectively, while others use it to build a national presence for their business.

Indeed, getting a 1300 number is a fantastic way to promote your business, products, and services. There are a lot of companies that offer 1300 numbers in Brisbane, Australia, but you must do your research first in order to find the best possible service out there.

What is 1300 Number?

If you’re planning to bring your business a notch higher, why not consider availing a 1300 number service? But before you do that, we will explain to you what is a 1300 number and how does this service help your company build a professional image and at the same time national presence. Understanding the tools available for your business means long-term benefits for your company as time goes by.

1300 number is a virtual telephone number used to only receive incoming calls that can be diverted to any existing local phone number. These are ten-digit local phone number that your customers can call at local rates from any fixed line in Australia. Even if you transfer from one city to the other, your 1300 number will not change. You can take your 1300 number with you anywhere in Australia. Meaning, this will be the only contact point of your customers to your business Australia-wide whenever they want to give your company a call without them worrying about the hefty call charges. With this service, it gives your company a breath of fresh air due to the service versatility and flexibility that it can offer.

What’s the Difference Between 1300, 1800, & 13 Numbers?

Choosing the right prefix for your business can be a little bit complicated. 13, 1300, and 1800 are powerful tools for your business most especially for startup businesses that would like to expand their reach to other cities in Australia.

Although their features are almost virtually the same, there are very thin lines that differ it from each other and choosing one will depend on what you want to achieve for your company.

First, we’ll start off with how these numbers differ from each other in terms of call charges for your callers. The major difference that separates them from one another is how they are charged and how easy it is to recall the numbers.

For 1300 numbers, callers are being charged at a local rate from any Australian line. This option is suitable for companies who wanted to expand their business outside of their local area and gain a national presence. It offers greater coverage than your local number. Significantly, the ongoing costs of a 1300 number will be shared between your business and the caller but at a local rate, which makes 1300 numbers the optimal choice for many small and medium-sized businesses. It’s also ideal if you’re planning to operate as a Virtual Office in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.

With 1800 numbers, a call is free when dialed from any phone line in Australia including mobile phones. This service is excellent for businesses that require a customer service hotline and do not wish for their customers to be charged whenever they call the number. 1800 numbers are free to call as your company shoulders everything. For some businesses, this can be unpredictable & costly.

And lastly, 13 numbers are very short and easy to remember six (6) digit number, suitable for companies who intend to mass market their service or product. 13 numbers share the call costs between your business and the caller where calls are charged at untimed local rates. 13 phone numbers are an attractive option if your company wants to achieve customer recall. Though a 13 number is easy to remember, this option can be expensive as this incurs an annual operating cost, which is levied by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This additional charge makes this service more expensive for small and medium-sized businesses.

Knowing and understanding the depth of the services you want to acquire for your company can lead to one of the greatest decisions for your business. After all, building or developing a startup company needs critical thinking and judgment to achieve your main goal – and that is to be successful.

How Can a 1300 Number Help Your Brisbane Business?

Planning to set up a startup business or intending to extend your reach on a national level? If your business goals include sales advancement, being in control of business costs or to improve customer service, consider availing the 1300 number, which gives your business the advantage it needs in terms of marketing.

From the ease of customer recall through highly flexible call answering and advertising options; it’s easy to understand why 1300 numbers have gained so much popularity in both local and international markets. Here, we will list down the things how a 1300 number can help your business in Brisbane.

• Gives your business the professional image. Just like a Virtual Receptionist in Brisbane, 1300 numbers can help enrich the image of your business. While large businesses have the budget, resources, and the ability to invest in advertising campaigns that build authority and trust, small-to-medium sized startup companies must find the most cost-effective ways to enhance their brand image and deliver great customer service at a nominal cost designed to help startup companies. It also helps the geographical reach of your businesses at minimal cost through advertising just a single number in all areas that you service in Australia. It will also enhance the brand image of your company that will give your customers the impression that you are not just a business that only caters to a single location, and that your company is present nationwide ready to do business with anyone, anytime.

• Gives your business the flexibility it needs. Regardless of where you are located in Australia, 1300 numbers are independent of your physical location. For example, with Virtual Office Brisbane, when you sign up for Virtual Receptionist service and get your company a 1300 number, you will be given your own number; and if you want to use your own existing local number, our Virtual Receptionists can answer calls for you and forward the call on your designated number as long as you have updated your profile in the system. This kind of flexibility will give you enough time to focus organizing your priorities for your startup company which in turn allows your business to prosper in no time as well as by connecting your existing local number to your 1300 number, there’s no added cost of doing business.

• One number for life. As long as you keep your number activated, you can ensure that the same phone number will be made available to your clients for the life of your business. Even if you relocate, you can still use back the same number. By doing this, you will never lose customers or miss an opportunity simply because you change your number. Always remember, when you expand your business, gaining new clients is your goal but it doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your existing loyal clients. Expanding means ensuring that you have a single contact point for your business all over Australia. Imagine that your telephone number or your 1300 number is your fingerprint. It is your company’s identity.

• Measure marketing and advertising performance. Some businesses use 1300 numbers to measure marketing response rates. Meaning, if you advertise in different platforms (e.g., online, print, and radio), you can get multiple 1300 numbers assigned to each channel to measure the effectiveness of each individual advertisement. With this measurement, you are able to determine which channel is effective for your brand’s campaign or for your business. By doing this, it will help your business to ensure that you can allocate the right budget for the right and effective marketing platform, as well as improve the ones that are not doing well.

• Helps Increase Inquiries. If your business is operating Australia-wide, it is best for you to avail the 1300 number. If you have such service, your call inquiries will increase. With the help of this service, your company will have more opportunities and you’re also encouraging customers to call your business. After all, customers want to feel that they are needed and important. By making your company available through a 1300 number, it will definitely increase your clientele as well as your company’s revenue. For companies based in Brisbane area, using a 1300 number together with a Virtual Assistant in Brisbane would provide the best results.

Where Can I Find 1300 Number Service Provider in Brisbane?

Now that we have discussed the benefits of getting a 1300 number for your business, the next step is where to find the right service provider. In Australia, there are a lot of 1300 number service providers, so be sure to select the one that suits your needs.

Times like this where we are faced with a lot of choices in front of us, we have to remember that our decisions can either make or break us. The saying goes true when it comes to business, especially for startup companies. As a business owner, you have to choose what is right for your business.

How do you pick the right 1300 number service provider? Especially when there are a lot of options to choose from. Here are some of the things that you need to ask yourself before finding a 1300 number service provider.

• Purpose of getting a 1300 number. Are you obtaining a 1300 Number to better manage your calls? Then Free Numbers might just work for you. These are random 1300 Numbers and have no pattern. Boosting your market presence, making your number more memorable as compared to having a standard number, and building professional image are just some of the benefits that you can get by having a 1300 number.

• Leasing a 1300 Number. As your business grows through the years with expansion along the way, you can keep the same number that you had when you started. Should you decide to lease the 1300 number – whether you are using a normal 1300 number or a special number, always remember that you can only keep it for up to 3 years if left disconnected.

Now, partnering with the right provider will be of great benefit as they can give you the best options in terms of the right plan, payment scheme, plan flexibility and even additional services that can really help you make the most out of your 1300 Number subscription. With all of these features present under Virtual Office Brisbane, you’re ensured that you get your money’s worth.

Do keep in mind that having a 1300 Number is great to have in your business portfolio. They can help boost your business, increase your coverage to the market, and help make your business be more efficient and productive while giving your customers a great experience.

How Much Do 1300 Numbers Cost?

1300 numbers cost extremely affordable considering its flexibility, portability, and ability to boost your business image. As far as the customer’s call charges are concern, calling to a 1300 number is simply the cost of a local call for your customer. As for your business, it depends on what package and which service provider you will choose to avail the service from.

With Virtual Office Brisbane, we charge you $20 per month with a one-time setup fee of $25. However, as long as you package it with our live telephone answering service in Brisbane, your 1300 number charges will be capped at only $20. That means, no matter how many calls you receive, you do not need to worry about the charges of your 1300 number.

So, let’s say you take the Standard Virtual Receptionist plan plus the 1300 number, you will be charged $20 for the answering service plus $20 for the 1300 number subscription each month. By getting a service provider that caps its charges, it offers your company huge savings compared to telecom operators where you pay on a per call basis.

1300 number is a powerful marketing tool for your business, and yet it does not eat up much from your budget. This is a service that is worth considering, which will really help your company reach its full potential. So, if you’re looking for a 1300 number service provider in Brisbane, please do keep in mind all the things we have mentioned above. Hopefully, we are able to enlighten and have contributed to help you decide on your next step.

For more information about Virtual Office services, you may also want to read “Virtual Assistant in Brisbane: Everything You Need to Know” to learn more.

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