Ultimate Guide: After Hours Answering Service in Brisbane

Ultimate Guide: After Hours Answering Service in Brisbane

After-hours answering services have become a very important part of modern business today. In a digital world of business where many people are impressed by the idea of a phone answering service and a routed call feature, many businesses have been using these systems and see it as essential.

After hours answering services can make your company feel more established and it can really improve the efficiency of business operations by freeing up key representatives throughout your company to help you start generating results within your day to day operations.

Consumers appreciate the efficiency and they also enjoy the professionalism that comes with a business that is willing to reroute their calls. Whether they're calling in for a quick balance inquiry on their account or they need to speak to a representative at your company, using an after-hours answering service can always work to help make your company look like a major business player.

What is an After Hours Answering Service?

After hours answering services are created to provide several different services including voice mail solutions, auto attendants for call rerouting and more especially during after business hours. In the past, these types of services were traditionally provided by full-time administrative professionals.

What is an After Hours Answering Service?

With the help of modern technology, it is possible to outsource many of these functions and to use a professional after hours answering service to help even a small company get access to phone answering and rerouting an off-site location when the sun is down. Rather than having to pay a full time employee to handle call routing or upgrade your phone system, you can get access to multiple lines, voicemails and a direct customer service department for rerouting calls all within the service.

After hours answering services are usually delivered monthly subscription and they are made extremely flexible with operations that can handle any company size. After hours answering services today can be extremely useful for startups and for entrepreneurs that commonly work on their own.

This is now a service that's widely used by professionals that range from bankers to financial planners, accountants and startup businesses.

How Startups Can Benefit from After Hours Answering Service in Brisbane?

Startup businesses often need to automate their systems for them to expand. A startup business also requires the use of some degree of prestige where competitive nature to succeed and be recognized.

How Startups Can Benefit from After Hours Answering Service in Brisbane?

Using after hours tools can help a smaller company seem much larger and it can be a small investment that will ultimately help the company to bring in more money. As startups need access to capital in order to fuel their future growth, any tools that can be of use in the process of acquiring new customers and raising capital can be very important.

Automation tends to enter the picture as a technology that can streamline the process of many tasks throughout a business. There are many advantages that a startup company can acquire using an after-hours answering service for their company. Here are some of the main reasons that after hours answering can be so important:

It can save time

The time savings that can come alongside automation can really help a small business in their performance. Switching over to an after-hours answering service may seem like an investment but when you consider that a small business will be able to answer double phone calls and inquiries, this can lead to a massive turnaround in sales.

Creating a central communication point

With so much information and many contact numbers that are common for a business in its startup, having a centralized 1300 number or easy number to reach a startup can often lead to more calls and requests for service. Rather than having to constantly seek out information on how to contact the company, a potential customer can get in touch with the after-hours answering line and connect to the managers that they are looking for quite quickly. This centralized form of communication can eliminate confusion and it can also make a startup seem much larger with a central office for communication.

Standard customer service

After hours answering systems can also provide a standard level of customer service based off the scripts and prep that are included during the setup phase of the agreement. Delivering a better customer service practice can often lead to improved growth because every customer is going to receive the same type of high quality experience over the phones.


A prestigious address or a 1300 number can often lead to better visibility on the part of a startup. If you want to establish trust amongst consumers, having this visibility and a better utilization of contact information can lead to a faster expansion.

Improved technology

If you are a startup that currently answering customer inquiries over an internet phone line or through your regular phoneline, you might find it difficult to collect the statistics that are required for improving your business operations. After hours technology ensures that your startup can have access to call lengths, the locations of calls, the questions the customers are asking and more. This can be helpful with improving your company and improving your customer service in the future. Improvements to phone technology could be quite expensive for your business and using an after-hours answering service will help you take advantage of these improvements without having to invest heavily in the technology.

How Much Would It Cost to Get an After-Hours Answering Service in Brisbane?

The cost of an after-hours answering service in Brisbane can often change based on the types of services that you require as part of your company needs. There are plans which are designed for startups as well as extra services that you can add-on like address forwarding, virtual assistant solutions and more. The overall cost of an after-hours answering service pales in comparison to what the cost of a full-time employee would be or the overall expense of upgrading the technology throughout your company. If you are looking for a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for typical answering services, here are some of the rates from Virtual Office Brisbane:

How Much Would It Cost to Get an After-Hours Answering Service in Brisbane?

As part of the standard plan you can get access to a virtual receptionist for live call answering. You can pay $2.80 per call based off the inquiries that you may get on the phone line or a straight $20 a month charge to handle basic answering services with less in the way of calls.

In the mid-range of the system you can pay $360 per month to have 200 calls per month answer. This could be the perfect option for a medium-sized business or thriving startup.

For extremely large companies that require up to 1,000 calls per month, you can have access to the full service for $1750 per month. This is considerably lower than the overall cost of the technology and what it would cost to have an administrative professional available in Brisbane to take over 1,000 calls a month for you. This can be a great asset and a very reasonable price for a large company.

Any of these packages for after-hours answering also includes voice and e-mail messages during after-hours replies. The answering service will run from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday and having access to the voicemail can help to make sure that other inquiries that come in after business hours can be addressed as required.

Additional services such as virtual assistants, address forwarding and more are all available at reasonable prices as well. In a way you can almost build up your own administration team based off the services we provide. With the help of a few monthly services you could get access to a level for your business that would typically cost you thousands more in rent, wages and fees for technology. This is one of the fastest ways that you can scale a startup and have the tools that you need to boost revenue.

Why Should I Choose Virtual Office Brisbane for After Hours Answering Service?

As a company, Virtual Office Brisbane can deliver an incredible after hours answering services that could help any company to scale up its solutions and deliver excellence in customer service. As a company that provides after hours answering services across Australia, this is a method that can be extremely beneficial for capturing calls after hours and for outsourcing customer service for a company of any size.

Why Should I Choose Virtual Office Brisbane for After Hours Answering Service?

Virtual Office Brisbane can scale to the needs of any customer. As a company, we are constantly working with businesses that have Fortune 500 capabilities all the way down to small startups and home offices. Whether you are just getting started in your industry or you are a well-established player that is interested in saving a bit of money, choosing a virtual office in Brisbane for your after-hours answering service can help you to offer more as a business.

The development solutions that are available use cutting edge technology which can deliver accurate performance and the ability to adapt on-the-fly. Whether you need to make changes to your call scripts or check in on the statistics of your calls, the information will be readily available and commonly shared from call staff to business owners. You can interact with agents as well as work to improve your calls by checking out statistics and strategizing for the future of your company.

The call centre officials that work in Virtual Office Brisbane come with years of experience in the industry. We have worked with many different companies from across Australia and the world and they can help with answering customer service inquiries in a number of expert solutions. With enough lines to handle almost any call volume, the quality of calls are regularly monitored and the staff members receive intensive training before they work on any new project.

The security of calling is another priority of Virtual Office Brisbane. The information that you share on your company and the customer service data that is present as a result of the answering service will always be kept secure. The voicemail messages and the statistics on your business will always be kept under password scrutiny. This can help to make sure that all the employees that you authorize will be able to access this information.

Having a full-time customer support solution is a big priority of Virtual Office Brisbane. With flexible solutions, we can act as your public service representatives and a centralized form of communication that can be helpful for improving the viability of your business.

As your needs as a business change, Virtual Office Brisbane can also adjust their answering services and the packages available to suit your needs. There's always solutions that can work within packages financially to deliver the best value based off of the needs of your business. If you need a quality answering service that will scale with your business financially, Virtual Office Brisbane can bring this solution to your startup or medium sized company.

If you are considering the idea of getting a virtual after hours answering service for your company, you can see numerous benefits by choosing a company like Virtual Office Brisbane. Working with a company of this size and with this level of experience can help to produce results for the industry to you are in. With the help of a centralized and prestigious answering service, your company can really help to scale over time and with ease. With flexible monthly packages available for many providers, you can customize the level of service that you need as well as pair additional services like virtual assistance address forwarding, a 1300 number and more. Rather than hiring on administrative professionals and having upgraded technology throughout your business, using a virtual answering service remains one of the most cost-effective and professional methods for your customer service.

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